Mullvaikkal Kanji
முள்ளிவாய்க்காள் கஞ்சி

The Sri Lankan military bombed medicine and food supplies, leaving thousands starving, dying from malnutrition and poorly/untreated injuries. For many, memories of the war are intertwined with weeks of queuing up for their only meal for survival, ‘Kanji’, boiled red rice in water, eventually sea water, whilst trapped in Mullivaikkal’s thin stretch of beach, claimed as a ‘No Fire Zone’.

In Mullivaikkal, Kanji gave hope and stood for resilience at a time when all of humanity had turned a blind eye to the ongoing attacks and killing of Tamil civilians. During those meals, “people stopped screaming, children stopped crying, parents talked politely and [their] hearts stopped pounding” (

On May 18th, remembering Mullivaikkal, Tamils across the world make Kanji at home and share with their family, to honour the thousands of Tamil lives that were lost, including loved ones.

Join us – Mullivaikkal Kanji, just add some hope.